Create an area graph split across panels

If you have an area graph with many observations, you can split it across panels to make it more readable.

For example, this area graph shows the monthly sales of a major retail chain at three store locations over two years. The data have been split into panels.

  1. Choose Graph > Area Graph.
  2. Enter the data that you want to graph.
  3. Click Multiple Graphs.
  4. Under Arrangement, choose Split data across panels.
  5. Under Data per panel, enter the number of data points for each series that you want to appear on each panel. In the example, there are 12 data points per panel.
  6. Click OK.
  7. To specify a time scale for the x-axis, click Time/Scale and choose the scale elements. In the example, the time scale is Calendar: Month.
  8. Click OK in each dialog box.
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