Create a 3D scatterplot with overlaid groups

You can create a 3D scatterplot that represents the relationship between three variables and includes groups represented by different symbols.

This 3D scatterplot shows how reheat time (y) and temperature (x) affect the quality (contours) of a frozen entree, with the operators who reheated the dinners represented by different symbols.

To create a 3D scatterplot with overlaid groups, you must use a worksheet that contains three columns of measurement data: one response variable (Z) and two predictor variables (X and Y), and a categorical variable for grouping.

Example worksheet

C1 C2 C3 C4-T
Temp Time Quality Operator
350 24 0.1 A
350 26 0.2 B
350 28 1.1 A
... ... ... ...
  1. Choose Graph > 3D Scatterplot.
  2. Choose With Groups, then click OK.
  3. Under Z variable, enter the response variable. In the example, Quality is the Z variable.
  4. Under Y variable, enter the predictor variable to appear on the Y-axis. In the example, Temp is the Y variable.
  5. Under X variable, enter the predictor variable to appear on the X-axis. In the example, Time is the X variable.
  6. Under Categorical variables for grouping (0-3), enter a categorical variable. In the example, Operator is the categorical variable for grouping.
  7. Click OK.
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