Create a matrix plot of each Y vs each X

You can create a matrix plot that displays a plot of each possible Y-X combination.

For example, this matrix plots displays a plot for each possible pairing of the response variables (Sales and Rate of Return) vs the predictor variable (Years in business) for a sample of manufacturing companies.

To create a matrix plot of each Y vs each X, you must use a worksheet that contains multiple columns of X and Y data.

Example worksheet

C1 C2 C3
Sales Rate of Return Years
50400200 15.4 18
42100650 11.3 15
39440420 9.9 12
... ... ...
  1. Choose Graph > Matrix Plot.
  2. Under Each Y versus each X, choose Simple, then click OK.
  3. Under Y variables, enter one or more response variables. In the example, Sales and Rate of Return are the y variables.
  4. Under X variables, enter one or more predictor variables. In the example, Years is the x variable
  5. Click OK.
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