Create a marginal plot with histograms

You can create a scatterplot with histograms that represent the distribution of X and Y values.

For example, this marginal plot shows a scatterplot of the flash recovery time for a camera vs the voltage remaining in the camera battery. Histograms show the distribution of values for the two variables.

To create a marginal plot with histograms, you must use a worksheet that contains a pair of columns of X-Y data.

Example worksheet

C1 C2
Volts After Flash Recovery
1.342 4.49
1.449 4.89
1.103 4.69
... ...
  1. Choose Graph > Marginal Plot.
  2. Choose With Histograms, then click OK.
  3. Under Y variable, enter a column of y-values. In the example, Volts After is the y variable.
  4. Under X variable, enter a column of x-values. In the example, Flash Recovery is the x variable.
  5. Click OK.
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