Create a bubble plot with overlaid groups

If you want your bubble plot to include groups, you can display them overlaid on the same graph.

For example, this bubble plot shows the Combined MPG vs the Total Volume for automobiles at a dealership. The bubble size represents the retail price and the bubble color represents the safety rating.

To create a bubble plot with overlaid groups, you must use a worksheet that contains three columns of measurement data and at least one column of categorical data for grouping. All columns must have the same number of rows.

Example worksheet

C1 C2 C3 C4
Combined MPG Total Volume Retail ($1000) Safety (0-5)
19.25 187.0 31.3 4
25.50 132.3 31.0 4
39.55 132.3 35.6 5
... ... ... ...
  1. Choose Graph > Bubble Plot.
  2. Choose With Groups, then click OK.
  3. Under Y variable, enter a column of Y-values. In the example, Total Volume is the y variable.
  4. Under X variable, enter a column of X-values. In the example, Combined MPG is the x variable.
  5. Under Bubble size variable, enter a column of values to determine the bubble size. In the example, Retail ($1000) is the bubble size variable.
  6. Under Categorical variables for grouping (optional), enter one or more columns of categorical data. In the example, Safety (0-5) is the categorical variable for grouping.
  7. Click OK.
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