Unstack columns in the worksheet

In the Unstack Columns dialog box, specify the data to unstack and the group variables to unstack the data by.

  1. In Unstack the data in, enter the columns that contain the data to unstack.
  2. In Unstack using the values in, enter the group variables to use to unstack the data.
  3. By default, Minitab does not unstack rows that are associated with missing group values. To change this, deselect Exclude rows with a missing value in any unstacking column.


In the following table, C2 contains the data to unstack and C1 contains the grouping variable. By default, the data for rows 1 and 3 are not included in the unstacked data because the group variable contains missing values for those rows.
  C1 C2 C3 C4
  Group Data Data_A Data_B
1 Missing 1 2 *
2 A 2 5 6
3 Missing 3    
4 B *    
5 A 5    
6 B 6    
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