Example of Formula

Each week, a camera manufacturer receives several shipments of 3,600 lenses.

The quality team takes samples of lenses from each shipment and measures their thickness in inches. The quality team then uses a formula to convert the inches to millimeters.

  1. Open the sample data, CameraLensThickness.MTW.
  2. Open the Formula dialog box.
    • Mac: Data > Formula
    • PC: DATA > Formula
  3. Double-click Thickness, then enter * 25.4. The expression should be 'Thickness' * 25.4.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click the name cell for column C2, then enter Thickness mm.


The result of the formula is in the Thickness mm column.

C1 C2
Thickness Thickness mm
0.401459 10.1971
0.406743 10.3313
0.347453 8.8253
0.372065 9.4504
0.370939 9.4219
... ...
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