Introduction to Companion

What is Companion?

Companion combines a powerful desktop app for executing projects with a secure web app that provides insight into your entire business initiative. The web app and the desktop app work together to help you control and monitor your deployment.

The web app has:
  • Dashboard for reporting key metrics
  • Central repository for storing projects
  • Workflow for collecting and vetting ideas, converting them into projects, and advancing projects through phases
  • Design center for managing data, templates, and workflow
The desktop app has:
  • Idea form for submitting ideas
  • Management section for ensuring consistent project definition and tracking
  • Roadmaps for guiding users through their projects
  • Forms and integrated tools needed for efficient project execution

The Companion dashboard summarizes project data and displays it in reports to give users and stakeholders views into the deployment. Dashboard reports let you see the aggregated data for key metrics across the deployment, as well as details such as status, phase, or the individual contributions of a single project.

How Companion works

At a high level, here's how Companion works to ensure consistency across projects:
  • Users submit project ideas to the steering committee.
  • The steering committee evaluates the ideas and converts the best ones to projects by assigning a methodology and a project owner.
  • Users are notified when they become a project owner. Project owners execute the project in the desktop app using company-approved templates.
  • After each phase, the project owner must submit the project to the review board.
  • The review board must approve the current phase before the project can move to the next phase.
  • Everyone saves their projects to the web-based project repository.
  • The Companion dashboard summarizes the data from the projects in the repository and displays the results in reports for everyone to see.

Data architects configure workflow and manage company-approved data fields and templates in the design center. If you are a data architect, go to Data architects and the design center.

Install the desktop app

If you haven't already installed the desktop app, you might want to so you can follow along with this guide. Your company's license administrator controls how to install the desktop app and receive updates.
  • If your license administrator allows you to install the desktop app, then you can access the download from the project repository's Help panel in the web app. When updates are available, you will receive them automatically when you sign in.
  • If your license administrator installs the desktop app for you, then you can start to use it when the shortcut appears on your desktop. When updates are available, you will receive them when the license administrator deploys them.

About this guide

This guide highlights some basic features to help you get started. By the end of it, you will know how to:

  1. Submit project ideas and understand workflow.
  2. Use a Roadmap to guide you through the forms and tools of each phase.
  3. Open the dashboard and understand its components.

What's next

Let's get started!
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